Material Text Cultures

Matthias Kuhn


Telephone:  (0)6221-548121



ZEGK: Historisches Seminar 
Grabengasse 3-5
D-69117 Heidelberg


Genealogical rolls of the German and English nobility

The project deals with genealogical representations on Rotuli/scrolls from a material-based perspective.

The research focuses on various genealogical works of German and English noble families. The connection between the form and the diagrammatic-textual content are the focus of the work. Praxeological questions are considered as well as investigations of layout, materiality and non-textual design elements.

The comparison within the German and English groups, as well as between them, is particularly appealing, since questions of representation of rank, proximity and relationship to royalty, and the handling of one's own family past can be examined.



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