Material Text Cultures

Wall, Recital Scroll and Grave. Changing Materialisations of Religious Texts in Ancient Egypt


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Teilprojektleiter Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedrich Quack
akademische Mitarbeiterin Daniela Christina Luft





  • Depiction of the Egyptian religion in its socio-practical fields of reception
  • Devising  a paradigm change in the description of a complex pre-modern society
  • Systematic description of receptive practices, action spaces, materials and forms of presentation


Subject of the sub-project is analyses of:

  • Texts that appear much the same in different settings, in the temple context, as a recital scroll for private use, and as a funerary object
  • Particular attention will be paid to practice-oriented details on the texts (e.g. postscripts)
  • The aim is to determine which respective social groups were involved
  • A substantially improved understanding of the Osiris cult is to be expected
  • The central issue in all lines of investigation is to gain a better understanding of the forms of reception and mechanisms of text production in the social field of “religion”.


It is planned to:

  • Analyse the location of texts
  • Create a data base for texts that fluctuate between various uses
  • Study the connection between material and function in various text-bearers

Descriptions and reconstructions of ritual and liturgical practices; addressing questions to the texts:

  • What specific social practices are behind the use of ritual texts as direct performance and as funerary object?
  • In what way did material and spatial preconditions determine liturgical acts and receptive practices?

Which protagonists and institutions performed actions with what objects?


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