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Titel VERSCHOBEN wegen Coronavirus auf 2021! International Symposium "In-between Manuscript and Print: Illustrated Books and Scrolls from Early Modern Japan."
Termine Freitag, 20.03.2020
Samstag, 21.03.2020
Ort Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) / KJC, Voßstr. 2, Room 212
  • SFB933_B14_2020_03_Symposium_In_between_Manuscript_and_Print_Plakat
  • SFB933_B14_2020_03_Symposium_In_between_Manuscript_and_Print_Programm
  • The international symposium "In-between Manuscript and Print: Illustrated Books and Scrolls from Early Modern Japan. 近世日本の絵本、絵巻から読みとる写本・版本文化の狭間" brings together different approaches to the complexities of written artefacts in Japan. Its purpose is to open up discussions on the complex relationship between manuscript and print, how narratives are embedded in various media, and also how writing and visualization practices interact with material characteristics. Although the focus is on the early modern period, also included are examples from other periods that help put into perspective processes of transmission of texts and images across materials and formats.

    The symposium is held at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) / KJC, Heidelberg University, Voßstr. 2, 69115 Heidelberg, Room 212 (second floor) on 20th-21st March 2020.

    The symposium is organized by Melanie Trede, Radu Leca and the Institute of East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University. The symposium was conceived within the framework and with the generous support of the Collaborative Research Centre ‘Material Text Cultures’ (SFB 933).

    To register your participation please contact Margó Krewinkel: margo.krewinkel@zo.uni-heidelberg.de

    For further questions please contact Radu Leca: lecaradu@gmail.com